Parkview Noble Hospital


In an important way, the Parkview Noble Hospital Foundation is all about people and the healing touch of generosity. Charitable donations from individuals and organizations made through Parkview Noble Foundation support continued improvement of the hospital’s services, facilities, equipment and programs that promote health and healing. In fact, every gift to the foundation supports quality care and healthier generations in your community.

Parkview Noble Hospital Foundation donors are members like you in our community, many of whom have been our patients and later choose to support our mission.

Parkview Noble Hospital Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors and serves the health needs of Noble County.

To make a gift and to find out how you can support quality health care through tax-deductible charitable donations, bequests and in-kind gifts to Parkview Foundations, go to

Generosity in Noble County

  • Hands-only CPR classes have been offered to Noble County Residents thanks to resources in the community education fund.

  • The Medication Assistance Program Fund provides resources for life-saving, emergency medications when a patient is unable to pay.

  • Gifts to the Special Touch Fund have provided car seats and transportation for patients through Noble Transit among many other non-medical needs that occur during a hospital stay.

  • Donations made to the Parkview Noble Hospice Fund supports massage and music therapy for patients.

  • Community support through gifts to Parkview Noble Therapy has provided pediatric equipment to better serve Noble County children.

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