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New baby. New car seat.


How do you know which car seat is right for your little one?

If you are getting ready to have a new baby - you need a new car seat. If you're thinking about using a pre-owned car seat, think abou thte safety of your baby and consider theses questions:

  • Was the car seat recalled?
  • Is the car seat more than six years old?
  • Was the car seat in a crash?
  • Is the car seat missing parts?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, or the car seat does not have an owner's manual, it is not considered safe. You may want to think about purchasing a new one.  


I'm getting ready to have a baby. What car seat should I look for?

Infant car seats are rear-facing, designed to be portable, generally lighter in weight, easier to carry than car seats intended for older kids. Your baby should remain in a rear-facing car seat until he is two years old and at the height and weight limits of the seat.

    Can anyone check my car seat to make sure it's safe?

    If you’re concerned about your child’s safety in the car:

    • Schedule a free appointment for a car seat safety check at Parkview Hospital Randallia by calling 877.774.8632
    • Meet with a certified car seat technician at one of our car seat safety checks 

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