Recognized for quality stroke care

Congratulations to Parkview’s stroke program for earning the Gold Seal of Approval®. If someone you care about has experienced a stroke, choose the Parkview Stanley Wissman Stroke Center.

Helping  you interact with your world  

The brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles that form the nervous system are among the most delicate and vulnerable structures in the body. Injury, disease and deterioration can lead to loss of abilities and even changes in personality or the ways in which you can interact with the world. 

That’s why Parkview’s nationally recognized neurosciences services offer some of the most advanced care available in treating neurological damage and various conditions.

Our neurosciences professionals work to preserve and restore physical abilities across the spectrum, from intervention to prevention:

  • Minimizing any damage that has already occurred

  • Seeking solutions to halt further damage

  • Enabling patients to regain as much lost function as possible through rehabilitation

  • Equipping area residents with health information to help them lead healthier lives and prevent neurological damage in the future

Our distinguished team provides award-winning, state-of-the-art neurological care with expertise in the areas of:

  •  Stroke

  •  Brain injury

  •  Chronic back pain

  •  Epilepsy

  •  Brain tumors

  •  Alzheimer’s disease

  •  Multiple Sclerosis

  •  Movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease


*The Gold Seal of Approval® is a registered trademark of The Joint Commission.

Awards & Recognition

March 2018

2018 Best Place to Work in Indiana

Parkview Health

June 2017

PHH 2017 100 Great Community Hospitals List

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