ER Fast Track for minor emergencies

Uh-oh. Your day just took a painful turn – seriously painful. ER Fast Track is ready for you. It’s a special service of Parkview Regional Medical Center and Parkview Hospital Randallia, 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. daily. With designated rooms, dedicated staff and a process just for minor emergencies, Fast Track can get you in and out of the ER faster.

​No matter where you live across the region, you can count on Parkview hospitals for emergency care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At each of our hospitals, the emergency department is staffed ‘round-the-clock by expert emergency care physicians and nursing professionals who are trained and experienced in emergency care:

  • Parkview Hospital Randallia

  • Parkview Huntington Hospital

  • Parkview LaGrange Hospital

  • Parkview Noble Hospital

  • Parkview Regional Medical Center

  • Parkview Whitley Hospital

Take action

Remember, when a life-threatening emergency occurs, always call 911 right away. If the emergency is not life-threatening, have someone take you to the nearest hospital emergency department so you can receive medical attention as soon as possible.

Find the location of the Parkview ER nearest you.

Medical transport: When every minute counts

Because the first hour after an emergency is the most critical, Parkview’s two Samaritan helicopters – with crews trained in advanced life support (ALS) and advanced on-board trauma technology – are always standing by to provide rapid air transport for critically ill or injured patients. Samaritan 1 is based in Fort Wayne at Parkview Regional Medical Center; Samaritan 2 is based at Fulton County Airport in Rochester, Ind. Both medical helicopters are called into action by Parkview Huntington Hospital’s EMS dispatch system, and can respond to emergencies in a 100-mile radius of the two communities. 

For residents of northern Indiana, northwest Ohio and southwest Michigan, Samaritan has become a familiar presence in the skies. Since 1989, Samaritan helicopter crews have flown more than 20,400 patients who needed critical medical assistance.

The similarly equipped Samaritan Mobile ICU (Intensive Care Unit) is also ready 24 hours a day to provide rapid ground transport for high-risk patients.

By land and by air, Samaritan responds to accident scenes anywhere in the region to provide lifesaving care when every minute counts. Learn more.

In addition, the dedicated emergency medical response professionals who staff 23 ambulances across the Parkview Health system are always on alert to provide care when emergencies occur. No matter whether you live in Topeka, Bippus or Hoagland, Parkview EMS services are only minutes away.  

Emergency specialty care at Parkview Regional Medical Center (PRMC)

The emergency department at Parkview Regional Medical Center connects critically ill or injured patients with the specialized care they need – through on-site access to:

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At Parkview Regional Medical Center, we designed our ER with a focus on the patient.

​If you receive emergency care at Parkview Regional Medical Center, you may also see expert physicians in orthopedics, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery and other specialties.

Rapid care for stroke

Getting to the nearest emergency department quickly is especially important in cases of possible stroke, because each minute a stroke lasts, brain cells are dying. No matter which Parkview hospital you go to, you’ll have access to expertise in diagnosing stroke, thanks to Parkview’s use of telemedicine. Parkview is a founder of the StrokeCareNow Network, which enables physicians at member hospitals to consult with neurologists in real time using video technology for faster treatment decisions. Learn more.


Awards & Recognition

March 2014

100 Top Hospitals® by Truven Health AnalyticsTM

Parkview Huntington Hospital

February 2014

Award for Outstanding Nursing Quality for a Community Hospital

Parkview Whitley Hospital

Outstanding Achievement Award June 2013

Outstanding Achievement Award

Parkview Comprehensive Cancer Center

January 2013

Healthgrades #1 in Indiana for Joint Replacement

Parkview Ortho Hospital

Healthgrades January 2013

Healthgrades #1 in Indiana for Spine Surgery

Parkview Ortho Hospital

Healthgrades January 2013

Healthgrades, Top 5% in the nation for treatment of stroke

Stanley Wissman Stroke Center

iVantage Hospital Strength Indices November 2012

Top quartile performer, iVantage Hospital Strength

Parkview LaGrange Hospital

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