Intensivist physicians and eICU® Technology

Remote electronic monitoring improves patient outcomes

The patented eICU® care model is an innovative way to add an extra layer of care for the sickest of critical care patients in the hospital setting. When critically ill, individuals are prone to developing life-threatening complications. If you or someone you care about becomes critically ill, the elCU program may save your life, reduce the risk of complications or reduce the length of your hospital stay.

Severely ill patients can develop complications rapidly. While the bedside staff provides hands-on care, the elCU staff provides special 24-hour continuous monitoring by identifying early warning signs of declining health. By working with the bedside critical-care team and attending physician to prioritize and guide interventions, complications can be reduced.

Parkview Health uses elCU care technology to remotely monitor patients in 21 critical-care beds within six facilities, including:

  • Parkview Huntington Hospital
  • Parkview LaGrange Hospital
  • Parkview Hospital Randallia
  • Parkview Noble Hospital
  • Parkview Whitley Hospital
  • DeKalb Health

Members of the elCU team include intensivist physicians and nurses who specialize in critical care. An intensivist is a physician who specializes in critical care ― care provided to seriously ill patients from point of injury or illness until discharge from the hospital. Rather than replacing the bedside care team, the elCU staff add an extra layer of patient care. Parkview's elCU technology allows the Parkview care team to electronically monitor 21 critical-care beds throughout northeast Indiana from one central location.

Advantages of the elCU technology

In-room video monitors, videoconferencing, and computer technology allow the bedside nurses and physicians and remotely located elCU nurses and physicians to work as a team in caring for each critical-care patient. This technology enhances patient care through:

  • Better patient outcomes resulting from unparalleled care coordination
  • Continuous monitoring of vital signs
  • "Virtual" rounding by multidisciplinary specialists
  • Opportunities for elCU team to visually access a patient during an emergency
  • Faster response time in critical patient situations

Multidisciplinary rounding for coordinated care

With the bedside hospital staff and remote site staff working together to provide the best outcomes, multidisciplinary rounding helps the combined team better coordinate care for each patient. Rounding is done to help the team develop each patient's care plan and procedure priorities for that day. Team suggestions are made during this time and available for physician review throughout the day.

Every day, the critical-care registered nurse assigned to the patient submits a report on the patient's condition to the group. A multidisciplinary rounding team may include the intensivist, other physicians, charge nurse, bedside nurse, case manager, respiratory therapist, rehab therapist, dietitian and pharmacist.

eICU® is a registered trademark of VISICU. Inc.

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