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Advanced technology. Collaborative care.
Unwavering support.

In early 2018, construction will be complete on the Parkview Cancer Institute. The institute is a combination of forward-thinking, passionate care. We place patients and families first — focusing on their experiences and providing quality outcomes. Meeting our patients’ needs, and the needs of their families, every day.

The goal is the greatest level of service: prevention, screening, education, diagnosis, staging, treatment, follow-up and survivorship.

Using these key elements, we have been given the great opportunity of building a new facility that will create a true environment for healing and hope. It’s a unique facility that combines a patient-centered experience with world-class technologies, groundbreaking procedures, and clinical trials — all in one location. 

It’s an environment that revolves around patient-centered, integrated care. This is accomplished by creating an interdisciplinary care model that allows physicians to interact physically, not just electronically. Patients will have the comfort of knowing that their medical oncologist, surgeon and/or proceduralist are working side-by-side right outside the exam room.

Additionally, we want to provide the latest innovations in prevention and treatment, from novel surgical procedures to new medications. We also want to focus on how to support the patients in all of these steps by providing financial, psychosocial, educational and educational assistance.

The Parkview Cancer Institute is more than bricks and mortar. It’s a culture that wraps its arms around the patient and their family. At Parkview, we’re truly creating an environment that is patient-centered and a facility that is state-of-the-art — offering integrated care like never before.

When we do all of these things, we can build a legacy of transformation here at Parkview — one that will impact care for generations to come.  We offer:

  • Collaborative Care – Cancer specialty physicians collaboratively review your case to recommend your best possible course of treatment and desired outcome.

  • Patient Navigators – Whether you need information about your cancer diagnosis, coordinated appointments with physicians, resources to help with financial concerns and insurance questions, or simply a good listener, you can rely on our Cancer Support Team to help you and your loved ones during your cancer journey.

  • Nutritional Counseling – A registered dietitian can assess your initial nutritional needs and give you dietary plans to go along with your treatment plan.

  • Genetic Counseling and Testing – Genetic counseling and testing can clarify your cancer risk and may help guide your healthcare decisions

  • Cancer Support Groups – Support groups welcome new members and meet regularly at the Parkview Comprehensive Cancer Center and Parkview Center for Healthy Living.

  • The Wig Boutique – On the second floor of Parkview Comprehensive Cancer Center, this a place for you or your loved one to find products and services that enhance self-image and well-being. Our boutique has a beautiful selection of wigs, hats and scarves, made possible by funding from Parkview Foundation and committed community volunteers. The Wig Boutique's warm environment is also a place where you can share your concerns and have your questions answered by our expert staff.

    Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

    Appointments are encouraged and can be scheduled by calling (260) 266-9100.

  • National Research Studies – In collaboration with Parkview Research Center, our patients have the opportunity to participate in appropriate national and international clinical trials.

Parkview Comprehensive Cancer Center is an accredited Comprehensive Community Cancer Program by the American College of Surgeons, receiving re-certifcation in 2015.

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Parkview Comprehensive Cancer Center

Parkview Regional Medical Center
Entrance 4
11143 Parkview Plaza Drive
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46845 

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