Multi-Disciplinary Clinics


​Multidisciplinary approach

With our multidisciplinary team approach, you are the most important member on the team. This approach draws on the combined experience and expertise of medical professionals from a variety of specialties to ensure that you receive the best cancer treatment available. We believe that it’s best to address an issue or problem from all angles.

Multidisciplinary cancer care clinic

The Parkview Comprehensive Cancer Center is excited to announce the opening of a new multidisciplinary cancer care clinic, focused on several different types of cancers. Healthcare professionals will be at your side from the moment you receive a diagnosis, helping to develop a comprehensive treatment plan and navigating your care.

The multidisciplinary clinic is focusing on patients with specific types of cancers and tumors, including:

  • Esophageal cancer
  • Cholangiocarcinoma
  • Stomach cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Rectal cancer
  • Ampullary cancer

At this new clinic, you can expect:

  • Increased communication between various specialties

  • Improved patient experience

  • Coordinated visits from patient navigators, nutritionists, and a cancer genetics counselor when appropriate

  • Experienced input from other physicians, as promoted at tumor board meetings

Most patients will visit the clinic on a referral basis. For more information or to speak with the clinic coordinator, call (260) 266-5221.

The clinic will take place on Mondays from 1 - 5 pm at the Parkview Comprehensive Cancer Center at Parkview Regional Medical Center. During these limited hours, you will meet with the clinic director and discuss your comprehensive treatment plan. Depending on your plan, you may meet with a patient navigator, nutritionist and a cancer genetics counselor.


Parkview Comprehensive Cancer Center

Parkview Regional Medical Center Campus
Entrance 4, Suite 207
11143 Parkview Plaza Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46845 

Breast Cancer Review Board

Parkview’s physicians and cancer staff are working to decrease the amount of time between a breast cancer diagnosis and the implementation of a comprehensive treatment plan. The result is the breast cancer review board. Radiation and medical oncologists, surgeons, pathologists and radiologists meet weekly to discuss recent post-surgery cases and to design treatment plans specific to each patient. Nurses, technicians and residents and primary care physicians also attend the meetings.

An advanced practice nurse in oncology speaks with breast cancer patients, offering one-on-one education about cancer and its treatment. Information on various community resources is also made available. Patient navigators then step in and continue to provide individualized care, one-on-one education sessions, written resources and emotional support.

To speak with a patient navigator, call (260) 266-9100


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