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Bike Safety: Share the Road

Parkview Trauma Centers partner with the City of Fort Wayne to highlight the national Share the Road campaign and encourage local motorists to “Pass with Care.” This public awareness campaign reminds motorists and cyclists that they share responsibility for safe travel on area roadways.

Parkview Trauma Centers and others associated with the local campaign have sanctioned billboards across the city carrying the Pass with Care message. In addition, our trauma centers team participates in community events promoting bicycle use and providing safety education.

Cyclists have a great asset in the Rivergreenway, a linear park and pathway owned and maintained by the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department, the City of Fort Wayne Public Works Department and the New Haven/Adams Township Parks & Recreation Department. Along with promoting use of the Rivergreenway, the City of Fort Wayne is working to expand the network of cycling paths. The city has also extended existing bike lanes on some downtown streets and established new bike lanes on other streets as part of this effort.

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Safety tips for motorists:

  1. Stay at least three feet from bicycles.

  2. When turning across traffic, look carefully for cyclists.

  3. Turn on your lights at dusk to help cyclists and other motorists see you.

  4. When passing a bicycle, hug the center line and pass at 15 mph or less. If no vehicles are approaching from the other direction, cross the center line slightly to allow the cyclist more room.

  5. When parking along a street, check for cyclists before opening the car door.

Safety tips for cyclists:

  1. Wear a bike helmet at all times.

  2. Don’t text and ride.

  3. Obey all traffic laws, signs and signals.

  4. Keep brakes, lights, reflectors, horn or bell, and all safety devices in good working condition

  5. Learn and use hand signals for turns and stops.

  6. Keep both hands on the handle bars, except to signal a turn or stop.

  7. Avoid riding after dark. If you must ride after dark, use a headlight and reflectors, and wear light-colored clothing.

  8. Never hold on to a truck, car or other moving vehicle.

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