Our Physicians


​Our Physicians

Surgeries at Parkview Ortho Hospital are performed by the board-certified orthopedic specialists of Ortho NorthEast (ONE). Your specialist team will discuss your diagnosis, available treatment options and help you select the best plan to help you live an active life.

Meet some of the ONE doctors behind Parkview Ortho Hospital’s #1 ranking for Joint Replacement and Spine Surgery by Healthgrades® for 2013.


John C. Pritchard, M.D.

Michael D. Lee, M.D.

Stephen A. Wright, M.D.

Eric J. Jenkinson, M.D.

Brett F. Gemlick, M.D.

David M. Conner, M.D.


Gregory A. Hoffman, M.D.

Alan W. McGee, M.D.

John I. Williams, M.D.

Shantanu Kulkarni, D.O.

Jon A. Karl, M.D.

Rebecca A. Posner, M.D.

Jeffrey W. Barr, M.D.


Richard M. Johnston II, M.D.

Robert O. Wuthrich, M.D.

Lorinda Browning, M.D.

Robert T. Hill, M.D.

Matthew Stephens, M.D.

Douglas R. Dohl, M.D.

Sarah LaSalle, M.D.


William J. Berghoff, M.D.

Jeffrey L. Harris, M.D.

Thomas G. Myers, M.D.


Scott D. Karr, M.D.

Michael C. McManus, D.P.M.

Jason DeDoes, D.P.M.


Ward P. Hamlet, M.D.

Christopher W. LaSalle, M.D.


David A. Goertzen, M.D.

Jason J. Heisler, D.O

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