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Clinical experiences, or “clerkships,” are college level, school-sponsored learning experiences for medical students offered in our patient care areas at Parkview Physicians Group office locations. Each experience must be part of an approved school program affiliated with Parkview. Student experiences are led by college faculty and selected Parkview professionals.

A clinical experience can be:

  • A semester or quarter for college students in Medical School programs.

  • Longer periods of time, depending on school requirements.


  • Must be part of an approved medical school program affiliated with Parkview or connecting through the Fort Wayne Medical Education Program.

  • Clinical experiences must have an affiliation agreement in place between the school and Parkview.

  • “Independent” clinicals not connected to a school program will not be allowed.

  • Must be coordinated in partnership with school faculty.

  • Must be unpaid in exchange for greater learning benefit to the student. Most clinicals are awarded course credits at completion.

  • Complete student required reading and forms

  • Approval by Student Services Department.

  • Must contact the Medical Staff Services office at the designed Parkview facility for clearance to follow physicians in the hospital.

Requesting a student placement

To request a student placement at Parkview, complete the following forms and submit them to Parkview Student Services.

If you have received confirmation for a student placement, please complete the items listed.

Completed Student Passport forms are due prior to or on the student’s first day at Parkview. Forms will be collected by designated Parkview representatives. Students will not be permitted to proceed with learning experiences until completed Passport Forms are submitted. Students in multiple clinicals must complete a separate Passport for each clinical at Parkview.

For login, password or technical assistance, please contact Parkview IS Service Center Help Desk at (260) 266-8500. Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For questions or further assistance please contact the Student Services team at (260) 373-7226.

Completed forms can be faxed to (260) 373-3168 or emailed to

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